About Me

canstockphoto8514132You want to know all about me? What on earth for? Doesn’t this website have enough interesting information without getting into boring details about yours truly? Alright then, be that way. What can I say about myself? Plenty, but I’m a writer so I’d probably be making up half of it. Let’s just stick to the facts. On to the random snippets…

Fact 1: Sure I’ve got a day job. I’ve got to get paid the big bucks somehow (remind me to find a job that pays big bucks). However, at night, I don my alter ego of writer/part-time freelancer/amateur web designer. What follows is a shameless plug. I happen to offer custom content creation services for paranormal topics at Shudder Text. Check it out. Now. You’re still here?

Fact 2: I’ve been a fan of horror movies ever since I was old enough to know what a movie was. My favorite thing to do was stay up all night with some choice titles, a bowl of popcorn, a pillow, and a flashlight…just in case.

Fact 3: I’m afraid of the dark…and I’m not too crazy about mirrors either. Did you not see what I just said about horror movies? Seriously, how many times has the main character looked into a mirror only so see something standing behind them?

Fact 4: I’ve got a bit of a temper and this is most evident if my beauty sleep is interrupted. My first reaction to being awoken by a ghost would probably be to try to pummel it t0…well…death…for having the audacity to disturb me. My second reaction would undoubtedly be a heart attack.

Fact 5: I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain, and proud of it. Sure, I can have a tattoo done on almost any part of my body, but that’s where I draw the line. I once toyed with the idea of having my tongue split, but then realized there was no way they would put me into a medically induced coma while it healed.

Fact 6: I’ve always dreamt of having a wolf as a pet, but I wouldn’t dare remove one from the wild where it belongs. I therefore make do with dogs, the bigger the better. No offense to the smaller breeds but I’d rather get a hug from a Rottie than a Poodle.

Fact 7: I think werewolves are way scarier than vampires, at least the modern day portrayals. Vampires at least have to be let in and, if you’re a good boy or girl, they might just grant you the gift of eternal life. Werewolves just have you for dinner.

Is that enough? Have you had your fill yet? No? Well that’s too bad. A girl has to keep some sense of mystery about her.